Exploring the Miami Emporium

  A convenience shop opened for the fellow students of Miami can be found on the upper level of Armstrong, behind Pulley Diner, ready to satisfy all your snack cravings or last minute purchases. Need some Burt’s Bees chapstick, a quick stick of deodorant, or even a new notebook before class? Don’t want to waste time traveling off campus; the Emporium has got you covered!



Along with a variety of items ranging from pencils to Advil, the Emporium also has the delicious munchables every college student craves—chips, whole candy bars, and all the microwavable meals you can imagine. (Did I forget to mention Lean Cuisines and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream located in the back freezer? YUM!)  Even the healthy eaters here on campus can indulge here with packages of dried fruit jerky and trail mix to-go.


The Emporium also knows you need something to wash down your treats (like their array of fresh bagels or Lunchables), so they have given students a whole section of ice cold drinks! You can choose from raspberry teas, liters of water, Gatorade, and even creamsoda in the bottle.


So, check out the Emporium. I’m sure they will have something to fill your snack cravings and maybe even get you to branch out and try something new. Come #EatWithUs and enjoy it on the go!

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