Start Your Winter Right, With Miami Ice!

With the winter air starting to blow in at chilling temperatures here at Miami Oxford students working through J-Term need to remember to stay warm in between classes! Here’s a tip that might make the cold a little more bearable! Swing (or Slide) on by to Miami Ice, normally known for their delicious assortments of ice cream and gelatos, but instead order a piping hot beverage to keep yourself nice and toasty!


With such a wide variety of choices you can pick something fancy like a caramel macchiato, a nice buzz of espresso, or if coffee isn’t your thing, a big ol’ cup of hot chocolate!

Hot Choclate

Along with the steamy beverages to choose from, (did I forget to mention the never ending choices of hot tea), you can also grab a seasonal cupcake “to go”, or even a fresh baked muffin to munch on your way to class!


Whatever treat you choose continue to stay bundled up and enjoy these last few weeks before the Spring Semester! It may be cold out and snowy but Oxford remains a beautiful sight this Winter, don’t let the chills distract you from the scenery!

Winter Trees

Defrost and come #EatWithUs!

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