Highlights From the Fall Semester

 As we reflect on 2014 before the new year we asked students all around campus their favorite moments from Miami Dining this semester and got a variety of answers!

“OxVegas was so amazing, I loved the crab legs!”


“Encounter always had the best burgers!”

Encounter BETTER

“Thanksgiving dinner at Oxford made me feel right at home!”


“The chocolate fountain was fun, I have a big sweet tooth!”

Chocolate Fountain

“Armstrong always blew me away and was a great place to meet my friends!”


“The Sunday Brunch was my favorite, the crepes were worth waking up for!”

Sunday Crepes

“Haines sour cream potato soup was my guilty pleasure every day, I couldn’t go without it!


“The StrEATs truck was fun trying to find, I’m always craving some grilled cheese!”

Grilled Cheese

“The seasonal cupcakes were so cute!”

Seasonal Cupcakes

Thanks for all the feedback, we love to hear from you! Here’s to many more special moments to come in 2015! #EatWithUs

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