Student Clubs at OxVegas!

Tuesday night at Miami Dining’s Homecoming dinner, OxVegas, there was a ton of student engagement and several on-campus organizations had the chance to perform at the event.

IMG_5179Immediately walking into Harris, there was entertainment in the form of a living statue and the Juggling Club.

The Juggling Club (which meets twice a week, Tuesday outside of Phillips and Saturday outside of the Rec, at 6pm) had a great time showing off their skills and talking to people about their organization.

From responses like:

“This is really exciting for us! We’re meeting lots of cool new people.”

-Brent Eastman, Vice President

to short and sweet responses like:

“It’s all cool.”

-Christina Tenison, Secretary

Miami Dining is happy to hear it all! And we’re especially happy to reach out to student organizations and actually work with Miami students.


On the topic of juggling:

“Anyone can juggle, you just have to practice.”

-Logan Babcock, President and Founder

After dinner one day, be sure to check out one of their meetings!


IMG_5305The Miami University Irish Dance Club was another organization that was featured last night.

This performance was a special event for this club because it was their first performance on campus.

Even while I was talking to this club, post-performance, everyone who passed said some version of “so cool” or “great job.”


If this is an organization you’d be interested in joining, email Kelcey Steele at


A huge thank you and great job to all of the other organizations who performed for OxVegas!

Just Duet, Soul2Soul, Treblemakers, Misfitz, and Indian Student Association


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