Overheard at OxVegas (last night in Harris)

“I came here because my friend was here and let me know this was going on.”

-Claire Kennedy


IMG_5333“It seems like there was a lot of effort put into this event. It’s something different. I like it!


Good food too.”

-Annie Mir



Also, variations on ‘I wish they did this every day!;’ ‘The food is amazing;’ ‘I’m overwhelmed!;’ ‘When there are pot stickers out, you know you go HAM on the pot stickers;’ ‘Fried ravioli?! I want more!’




Miami Dining’s response?


We love hearing positive feedback and we’d love to continue this event in the future. If there’s anything you loved about the event or anything you think would be cool for the future, please let us know!



More shots of happy students:

IMG_5057     IMG_5160    IMG_5247



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