You asked. We listened.

More buffet options will now be offered across the campus!


Harris and Martin will now be open for dinner every Friday from 5-8.


Also, Pacific Rim (in Maplestreet) will be offering bento boxes–just like the lunch boxes at Wild Bistro–for a flat rate of $6.25. These bento boxes will be offered every day Pacific Rim is open. This new menu option is called:


THE BENTO BOX MEAL DEAL! In each bento box, you’ll have a salad (fruit, Asian, edamame), rice, stir-fry, and a side. Plus, a drink will be included in your order.


This is a separate menu option from the Wok This Way stir-fry, which will still be served a la carte.


A similar menu item will also be added to International Station (over in WDC). For $6.25, Monday-Friday 11am-2pm, you’ll see the cashier, then have one run through the line. It’s self-serve and you have complete control over your portions. Your meal from here can be either carry out or dine in and there are weekly menu options that will be served here for variety. Feel free to stop by every day to try them all!


“Service is only as slow as the customer in front of you!”


All changes Miami Dining has made are designed to make the lines go faster and to make sure everyone gets the right amount of food for him or herself. These are great options to get yourself some delicious food, quickly, and you can control your spending.

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  1. Alaina Pappas says:

    thank you so much for this dining option! I can finally have a nice dinner that tastes home-cooked and isn’t fried! I’ll definitely be coming here a lot 🙂

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