Food for Thought

Looking to make your meal a little healthier?


Here are some possibilities!


-replace a dessert item with a fruit cup

-replace fried chicken on a sandwich with grilled chicken

-add a protein, such as chicken or nuts, to a salad

-add a green option, such as green beans or spinach or broccoli, to each meal

-instead of croissants, biscuits, or white bread, try low-fat whole grain bread (wheat, rye, pumpernickel)

-instead of a fried tortilla, try a soft tortilla (corn or whole wheat)

-instead of a sugary cereal, try oatmeal

-in place of potato or corn chips, try unsalted pretzels or unbuttered popcorn

-brown rice in place of white rice

-swap out those French fries for a baked potato, or, better yet, a baked sweet potato

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