Local, Sustainable Food Options: Both On and Off Campus

When a lot of new students start classes here (and even some upperclassmen), they don’t always know about the weekly farmers’ market uptown.


While your swipey isn’t a payment option at this particular market, it is worth checking out. You can personally talk with the person who harvested your lettuce, strawberries, or whatever else is in season at the time you attend. There are also stands at the market that sell coffee and the most delicious muffins—almost as good as Miami’s homemade muffins.


I personally enjoy picking up fresh produce at the farmers’ market, then heading to MacCracken for local pasta and dessert options. A trip to these two markets can help support a healthy diet and give back to the community around Miami as well as the Miami community.


  1. Libby Roether says:

    I love the Oxford Farmer’s Market as well. It is a treat to be able to eat locally and have such a close connection with our food. I would love to see more local food incorporated into our dining services on campus. I have recently launched a campaign on campus to certify Miami University as a Fair Trade University. As part of the campaign we will be working to implement Fair Trade products into dining services. Sourcing more locally would be a great addition to the campaign and to Miami University’s culinary expertise. I would love to get together with you to see how dining services can greatly help the campaign. Pura Vida!


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