Meet the cow who helped make your shake

All of the ice cream at Miami Ice, Encounter, and Pulley Diner comes from one of our favorite local farms, Young’s Jersey Dairy.

Ever been to Yellow Springs, Ohio? It’s about an hour and a half away—a great day trip. Not only can you meet the Jersey cows that help make your ice cream, you can play putt-putt, hand-feed a goat, pick a pumpkin, and have a great meal.

The Young family has five generations of Miami grads. Therefore, they understand the Tradition of Excellence as well as any. They are committed to quality products and service, just like us!

1 Comment

  1. I love Young’s and I love milkshakes. You should consider the floating scoop option of the Young’s Bullshake. Also, the rough straws are a true distraction when sitting back and enjoying a milkshake. I’d love to see an ecologically sound alternative, even if it was just selected for the milkshakes. Other than that, you’ve made a fantastic supplier selection!


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