Where Your Food Comes from Part II

The Demske Culinary Support Center (DCSC), previously the building that housed Kroger, today is where all food for the Oxford campus of Miami is prepared.


Why is it so cool to have our own culinary support center?

Not every school has one and because we do, we have control over our menus and can even hire students to do jobs that other schools hire out to contractors.


$1.5 million of the campus’s food budget is spent on fresh produce. Over 1 Million pounds of fresh produce are chopped/sliced/diced/shredded on an annual basis. The Demske Culinary Support Center, houses, washes, processes, and ships food to the campus six days a week, Monday-Saturday.


That’s 300,000 heads of lettuce; 70,000 cantaloupes; 35,000 honeydew; 50,000 broccoli crowns; 24,000 heads of cauliflower; 400,000 pounds of peppers; 50,000 baking potatoes; 80,000 oranges; 125,000 apples; 275,000 bananas; 30,000 pears; and 200, 000 grapefruit.


All of the fruits and vegetables that are shipped as is from the center are washed and shipped in reusable shipping totes! So green!


That’s some food for thought.

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