Supportive & Sustainable

There is a huge advantage to a university that has an in-house processing and planning facility for campus dining (The Demske Culinary Support Center). Decisions can be made faster and easier, sustainability can be more easily achieved, and overproduction can be better controlled.


Because a quarter of food supplies are purchased locally, less resources are used to transport the food, and the surrounding community benefits from this practice also.


Another practice utilized at the culinary support center is batch cooking. Batch cooking is a method in which the customer demand dictates the amount of product being produced at any given time. Also, the ordering time for next day processed produce, deli meats, sliced cheeses, and packaged salads and sandwiches has been reduced to less than a 12 hour window for next day delivery. This allows the unit managers to very accurately order the exact amount of product needed for that day’s service, thus reducing overproduction and waste.


When possible, the department donates products to two local food banks that help to feed those in need.


In 2012, we, at the Demske Culinary Support Center, exchanged our trash compactors for organic matter compactors. Today we divert over 400,000 pounds of scrap from landfill to compost facility.


Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services is audited by the sustainability office on waste control to ensure that all available options are being explored on waste prevention.


You can do your part too! Don’t forget to recycle today!!



Yay, sustainability!


Also, tours are easily available and encouraged. Call 513-529-3040 to schedule.

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