Taylor’s Encounter with Encounter

(At Encounter, the protocol is to order your meal and grab a table. The food will be brought to you!)


Quote to summarize the whole experience:

There is a lot of hype about this place, especially the burgers, and it definitely lived up to the hype. I love how customizable the burgers are too.


I for sure am coming back.



Have you ever eaten here before, Taylor?

I’ve only had a milkshake here before now. It was chocolate and really yummy.

I stopped by because I was visiting my friend who works here, so I got to enjoy my milkshake while chatting with my friend.


What did you order?

The Encounter burger. Antibiotic and hormone free, a third a pound of local beef from Oxford’s Reserve Run Farms, according to the menu!

I’m really excited for the burger! I’ve heard good things about these burgers.

The hype is high.


How would you describe this restaurant, in a word?

Retro, but also modern. I see the comic art which is so retro and cool, but then I see the people and the food and that is all modern. It’s retroly modern, if that makes sense. There’s lots of natural light through the big windows too, so it’s a nice place to escape the heat, but enjoy the beautiful campus.


Now that you’ve gotten a chance to take a bite, how is your burger?

It’s good. The onions have some spice to them. It’s actually really good.

I like how the server asked if my order looked right when she delivered it to me. That was a nice touch.


Would you eat here again?

Yeah, it’s a really good sit down restaurant. Along with the food, I like the vibe of the music—it’s current and not too loud. It’s a good place to hang out with friends.


If you were to compare this restaurant to another restaurant off campus, what would that restaurant be?

It reminds me a lot of Johnny Rockets. The decorations are similar and the American-style food is also really similar. One of the differences between the two is that Johnny Rockets has a jukebox that you have to put a quarter into to the pick the music, but the music at Encounters is more current, not to mention free!

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