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Food for Thought

Looking to make your meal a little healthier?


Here are some possibilities!


-replace a dessert item with a fruit cup

-replace fried chicken on a sandwich with grilled chicken

-add a protein, such as chicken or nuts, to a salad

-add a green option, such as green beans or spinach or broccoli, to each meal

-instead of croissants, biscuits, or white bread, try low-fat whole grain bread (wheat, rye, pumpernickel)

-instead of a fried tortilla, try a soft tortilla (corn or whole wheat)

-instead of a sugary cereal, try oatmeal

-in place of potato or corn chips, try unsalted pretzels or unbuttered popcorn

-brown rice in place of white rice

-swap out those French fries for a baked potato, or, better yet, a baked sweet potato

Local, Sustainable Food Options: Both On and Off Campus

When a lot of new students start classes here (and even some upperclassmen), they don’t always know about the weekly farmers’ market uptown.


While your swipey isn’t a payment option at this particular market, it is worth checking out. You can personally talk with the person who harvested your lettuce, strawberries, or whatever else is in season at the time you attend. There are also stands at the market that sell coffee and the most delicious muffins—almost as good as Miami’s homemade muffins.


I personally enjoy picking up fresh produce at the farmers’ market, then heading to MacCracken for local pasta and dessert options. A trip to these two markets can help support a healthy diet and give back to the community around Miami as well as the Miami community.

We Hear You!

Whether it be comments on social media, our blog, or statements made to our Brand Ambassadors around campus, here at Miami Dining, we want you to know that we receive and record your feedback.


Every complaint and every compliment gets taken into consideration to help us make future decisions. They are reported to chefs, managers, and even the Senior Director (as you saw in the letter we posted last week). Some of you may even receive free meal vouchers to thank you for speaking up.

Although you may not see immediate results, know that someone is gathering information in regards to your suggestions. If it is feasible with our current resources, within University Policy, and beneficial to all students—we’ll try our best to do it. (Such as adding a vanilla peanut butter shake to Pulley Diner last semester because of a suggestion on Twitter!)


Don’t get stuck in a rut of negativity—keep it fun! We always love to see photos of gorgeous food and happy customers. You may just get something nice in return.

Happy Wednesday!

As a special treat to get you through this week, stop by Maplestreet Station for a delightful breakfast. (At any point in the day!)


Patisserie (hours: Monday-Friday 7am-10pm; 9am-4pm on weekends) is where you should be if you long for the chic, luxurious feeling of dining in Europe. It is reminiscent of the finest Parisian cafes—perfect to sip, nibble, relax, and study in. If you want to surprise a friend or significant other, get a pastry to go, packaged in a pink box and tied with ribbon.



First Stop (hours: Monday-Friday 8am-9pm; 10am-7pm on weekends) is a great place for breakfast during the week and an even better for brunch over the weekends. Hey, even if you want breakfast for dinner, First Stop is your place. It is restaurant style, which means you sit down and order your food from a server. While you wait for your meal, enjoy your coffee or juice.

Not Just for Athletes!

Martin Hall is located on North Quad, out in the direction of Millet. This dining hall is right behind Brandon Hall on Talawanda Road and, again, features many tasty options.


Like Harris, Martin Dining Hall also has a Sonora Stop (burritos, nachos, tacos, etc.) and Miami Traditions (traditional home cooked meals). However, Martin also has a Pastato with lots of pasta options and baked potatoes. At Martin Winning Seasonings there are healthier dining options. (Athletes, this is the place for you!). Martin Hall also has Scoreboard Market where you can place an order via kiosk for hot sandwiches and sides, custom-made! And finally, Hawk’s Nest is where you can get your soft pretzel and pizza needs met at a to-go window located on the lower level of Martin.


Martin is great whether you’ve just run steps at Yager or if you’re planning a nice walk in the formal gardens post-meal. Get yourself some.



Breakfast Express: Monday-Friday 7:30am-10:30am; closed weekends

Martin Buffet: Sunday-Thursday 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-2pm

Meet the cow who helped make your shake

All of the ice cream at Miami Ice, Encounter, and Pulley Diner comes from one of our favorite local farms, Young’s Jersey Dairy.

Ever been to Yellow Springs, Ohio? It’s about an hour and a half away—a great day trip. Not only can you meet the Jersey cows that help make your ice cream, you can play putt-putt, hand-feed a goat, pick a pumpkin, and have a great meal.

The Young family has five generations of Miami grads. Therefore, they understand the Tradition of Excellence as well as any. They are committed to quality products and service, just like us!

Where Your Food Comes from Part II

The Demske Culinary Support Center (DCSC), previously the building that housed Kroger, today is where all food for the Oxford campus of Miami is prepared.


Why is it so cool to have our own culinary support center?

Not every school has one and because we do, we have control over our menus and can even hire students to do jobs that other schools hire out to contractors.


$1.5 million of the campus’s food budget is spent on fresh produce. Over 1 Million pounds of fresh produce are chopped/sliced/diced/shredded on an annual basis. The Demske Culinary Support Center, houses, washes, processes, and ships food to the campus six days a week, Monday-Saturday.


That’s 300,000 heads of lettuce; 70,000 cantaloupes; 35,000 honeydew; 50,000 broccoli crowns; 24,000 heads of cauliflower; 400,000 pounds of peppers; 50,000 baking potatoes; 80,000 oranges; 125,000 apples; 275,000 bananas; 30,000 pears; and 200, 000 grapefruit.


All of the fruits and vegetables that are shipped as is from the center are washed and shipped in reusable shipping totes! So green!


That’s some food for thought.

Supportive & Sustainable

There is a huge advantage to a university that has an in-house processing and planning facility for campus dining (The Demske Culinary Support Center). Decisions can be made faster and easier, sustainability can be more easily achieved, and overproduction can be better controlled.


Because a quarter of food supplies are purchased locally, less resources are used to transport the food, and the surrounding community benefits from this practice also.


Another practice utilized at the culinary support center is batch cooking. Batch cooking is a method in which the customer demand dictates the amount of product being produced at any given time. Also, the ordering time for next day processed produce, deli meats, sliced cheeses, and packaged salads and sandwiches has been reduced to less than a 12 hour window for next day delivery. This allows the unit managers to very accurately order the exact amount of product needed for that day’s service, thus reducing overproduction and waste.


When possible, the department donates products to two local food banks that help to feed those in need.


In 2012, we, at the Demske Culinary Support Center, exchanged our trash compactors for organic matter compactors. Today we divert over 400,000 pounds of scrap from landfill to compost facility.


Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services is audited by the sustainability office on waste control to ensure that all available options are being explored on waste prevention.


You can do your part too! Don’t forget to recycle today!!



Yay, sustainability!


Also, tours are easily available and encouraged. Call 513-529-3040 to schedule.

Fun Facts

-The napkins used in dining operations are 100% post-consumer recycled product.

-The packaging choices for to-go and centrally packaged products now include lines of bamboo, sugar cane, corn starch, or recycled paper products.

-Most dining units use the compactor trash units to press waste into the smallest space possible.

-All plastic and metal is recycled through the Miami sorting facility.

-Products delivered from Demske Culinary Support Center to units are sent in reusable plastic totes or carriers that generate no waste.

Take Home Snacks!

MacCracken is the most iconic image of the campus. It’s centrally located, situated near an open grassy area (where students hang out when the weather permits), and can be easily pinpointed because of it’s proximity to the equally as famous sun dial.


Because of its central location, Market Street is this week’s place to be. Go to the Rec, go for a walk or jog, hike through Miami’s trails and end your journey at the market for a Naked smoothie or an ice-cold bottle of water.


MacCracken is a great snack place for those who have just left the Rec and are looking for a pick-me-up, or for those who are enjoying a leisurely afternoon in the quad because Market Street is a small grocery store where you can find fresh produce and bakery items, along with frozen and dry foods. Market Street even sells flowers!


Don’t forget to stock up on snacks for when you’re hungry and don’t feel like leaving your room!


Market Street is open from 8:30am-11pm Monday-Friday and 10:30am-11pm on the weekends.